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  • Danielle Australia50Countries Cadastral:Australia

    DanielleAll the foreign teachers,From Brisbane Australia,Early education background,10Years from the head of the assistant teacher has been teaching in public schools,Human teachers one-on-one,Various from kindergarten to university,Ages are taught,From the most good at5Years old-17Years old,His teaching is also involved in,A foreign teacher talent,For children one-to-one foreign teachers,...

  • Jennifer UK66Countries Cadastral:The United Kingdom

    enniferFrom London, England,English pronunciation is very clear well,Has a wealth of teaching experience,In Australia a kindergarten after a year of full-time teachers in Shanghai has been a well-known bilingual kindergarten work full-time foreign teachers。She likes children very much,Is also very good at teaching children,Character lively do not lose the child's tender kiss,Children's English teacher,...

  • Alice USA68Countries Cadastral:The United States

    5Years of teaching experience,The senior U.S. licensed teachers,Drama art professional background as well as the children's early education,Public and private schools in the United States mainly class teaching experience,The most good at2-14Of the students,At the same time also taught high school in Chicago,Responsible for teaching20Many students drama and literature,Children's English teacher,The expression of rich and vivid body language...

  • Mike UK69Countries Cadastral:The United Kingdom

    MikeFrom Manchester, UK,Wanted to China,There is a Chinese wife,After coming to China mainly in shenzhen、Guangzho、Shanghai do adult business English training and enterprise training experience is rich,Whether it is a professional business background or experience in teaching is a very good teacher。For English teachers in Shanghai,Children one-to-one foreign teachers,Children's English teacher,Foreign teachers...

  • Jenny USA70Countries Cadastral:The United States

    JennyFrom the United States,Graduated from the university of California, bachelor of politics。Her character cheerful and lively,Like to teach children very much,She once worked in a primary school volunteer teaching,And counseling children school work。In the teaching,She will start from basic vocabulary,Through the images,Physical objects,And the use of candy rewards such as attract children。English teacher in Shanghai。She taught...

  • Clare USA71Countries Cadastral:The United States

    ClaireIs from the United States,HoldTESOLTeacher certification and have20Years of teaching experience, a senior teacher。She worked in hainan,Ji Li(Changchun foreign languages school),Xinjiang(Shihezi university)Done many training institutions, such as English teacher,Including business English,Enterprise training,The ielts、Toefl test,The teachers' training and management,Foreign teachers,Group...

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