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Shanghai HuiGu building decoration engineering co., LTD. The main business:GRCArtifacts、EPSArtifacts、GRGArtifacts、Glass fiber reinforced plastic、A portrait、Relief、Sandstone、Roman column、Windows set of lines、Baluster vase、A flower pot、Cornice、Act the role of flowers、Gesso line, etc12A series1200Multiple varieties。Product is suitable for high-grade villas of Europe type style、Civil residence、The hotel、Wine shop、The office building、The bathroom sauna center and other places of entertainment,Make construction to have the strong amorous feelings,More pomp。GRCSeries product features are:1.The simulation effect is good--GRCEuropean architectural decoration component is adopts alkali glass fiber、Low alkali cement、Admixtures series products and other materials。Through this kind of product decoration elegant buildings、Primitive simplicity、The beautiful spectacular、Simple nature,Theme for european-style building schools,The modern buildings"Fashion"Symphony,Make people immersed in an atmosphere of European art...To read more

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