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Shiyan game industry &trade co., LTD,Thermal power plant is located in the east team(Hundred west road68Number)。Elegant environment,The transportation is convenient。Our factory is a polystyrene shiyan area(EPS)Foam plank、Food preservation box、Shock、Cold storage、Keeping fresh、Heat preservation、Heat insulation、Sound insulation、Building isolation、Transport floating body、Shockproof decoration and other fields。I plant annual production now200Tons of products production capacity...
《The detailed information

The vaccine(Blood collection tube chassis)

Large casting mold

Large casting mold

Foam boxes5

Foam boxes4

  • Address:Hubei shiyan dongfeng thermal power plant team(Hundred west road68Number)
  • The phone:0719-8206818
  • A mobile phone:15926187888
  • Fax:0719-8206938
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