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How do you do!Welcome to the xingyang food machinery factory of the people's livelihood!

Xingyang minsheng food machinery co., LTD

The people's livelihood Food machineryMake the product a classic Of the people's livelihood brand!

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Products CategoryThe main products of the company

We have six major advantagesProvide high quality equipment customization service for you

Years of industry experience,Large enterprise partnersThe world 500 strong enterprise partners

The companyFor many yearsDedicated to the vacuum roll kneading machine、Frozen meat grinder、Chopping machine research and development manufacturing,To provide design、Production、Logistics、The installation And maintenanceA dragon service

Has been createdThousands ofA success story,LargeCorporate partner,To provide customers with product and process design service。

Has its own r&d team,Meet the demand of all kinds of customTo meet the needs of a variety of custom

Has a high quality team,CADDesign professionals,Can the needle In accordance with customer needs all kinds of creative planning scheme is put forward,All the custom of meeting customer's requirements。

Optimize cost system,To give you satisfied priceGive you the best price

From raw materials procurement to production process and product packaging,The layers of optimization,Ensure the quality at the same time,Achieve cost optimization The material purchasing cost10%,Labor savings20%,Material consumption reduced10%,Save packing30%。

Production strength,7-15Days of rapid design7-15 days fast out of sample

Covers an area of1Wan㎡The standardization of plant,A variety of fine numerical control production equipment and exquisite workmanship Technical personnel, and standardization、Systematic inspection tools,7-15Day out solution quickly At the same time,Ensure all is from the high-quality goods。

Real-time monitoring platform,Let you know the projectLet you know the project

Customized project management tools to let you the overview of the country;One-on-one customer commissioner each The key for real-time reporting,Let you know The purpose of every detail。

Provide one-stop service,Let you do not have trouble back at homeGive you the best price

7*24Hours of logistics distribution、The installation,Beijing、Shanghai、Chengdu、Installed directly covered in south China,The service is well-established

Professional after-sales service team,Considerate service,Regular follow up pay show status,For you to solve all problems。

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  • The company environment
  • The company environment

Food machinery factory introductionVacuum packing machine、Frozen meat grinder、Frequency conversion chopping machine、Pig split machine

【Xingyang food machinery factory of the people's livelihood】With advanced food machinery processing equipment,Set research and development、Manufacturing、The sale in a body,Adhering to the“The real thing、Sincere、Sincerely”The management idea,Independent research and development,To meet domestic demand。The company is committed to high-tech research and development,And the research results into products and productivity,In complete frozen dumplings equipment、Sausage processing equipment、Meat ball processing equipment, etc, have multiple results。【To check the details】

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The use of vacuum roll kneading machine
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Using vacuum roll kneading machine what matters should be paid attention to
The use of vacuum roll kneading machine bacon can shorten the time、Uniform color、Increase the fresh degree、Increase the rate of production,Thereby...

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