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   Shaoxing huhua electronic technology co., LTD. Is a collection research and development、Manufacturing、Sales of semiconductor power control devices and integrated circuit of high and new technology enterprise。Company is located in MingXian heroines,Picturesque national high and new technology industrial park of historical and cultural city of shaoxing,The company has a large number of young,Bold talent,Advanced semiconductor packaging automation equipment and improve the modern enterprise management system。Companies leading products for the whole series、The bidirectional thyristor,Field effect tube and integrated circuit。Packaging format:TO-92,TO-126,TO-251,TO-252,TO-263,TO-220,TO-220Insulation type,TO-3P,TO-247,DIP8,DIP14,DIP16And so on。Annual output of various types of power devices1One hundred million only,Integrated circuit8000More than ten thousand only,But at the same time...<In more detail>
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