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The enterprise culture

1.Corporate vision

Strive for perfection、The pursuit of excellence is our constant pursuit;Development in one hundred,Based on the world is our goal。

3.Enterprise idea

Technical innovation、Eclecticism,Good treat customers。

2.Corporate mission

Through the high quality products and efficient technical service,Create value for users,Efforts to create customer more for tomorrow。

4.Enterprise core values

Service、Professional、The good faith、Responsibility、The collaboration、Innovation。

Originality of casting products,Quality to win the future

1The position is superior,The transportation is convenient

Xiamen bono hot runner technology co., LTD is located in known as“The sea garden”、“An international port and tourist city landscape”Of xiamen city,The geographical position is superior,The traffic is very convenient,Plastic injection mold hot runner injection molding systems is a focus of research and development and production of high-tech enterprises。

2The good faith is practical、Create brilliant

Company to carry more than ten years“Customer focus and exceed customer expectations”In the spirit,Cooperate in good faith and pragmatic to develop,The principle of brilliance friendly business cooperation with old and new customers。Rely on high quality,Thoughtful service and reasonable price,Won the customer the consistent approval,Has obtained the good prestige。

3Exquisite technology,Quality assurance

Companies adhere to independent innovation has developed a series of hot runner products with independent intellectual property rights,Has won a number of invention patents and utility model patents,A number of technology has reached the leading level in the domestic similar products,Company technical force is abundant,Perfect quality system,PassedISO9001Quality system certification。The superb production technology and strict management system has developed into a hot runner under development,To develop、Production、Sales、After-sales service as one of the modern enterprise。

4Professional technical support,Worry-free after-sales

The company owns a perfect process,From order to order review、 Design、Processing、The shipment,There are strict controls。20Years experience in technical team of engineers rationality assessment part drawing for the customer,Given the best into the gate、The runner size、The gate size,Satisfy your different customization needs。To deal with customer requirements in a timely manner,Each requirement of guarantee the customer can get timely response。

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About us

Xiamen bono hot runner technology co., LTD

       Xiamen bono hot runner technology co., LTD. Is located in the industrial developed of surging in China xiamen haicang industrial zone,Have standardized manufacturing factories,Company for the mould industry association executive director unit of fujian province,To go throughISO9001The international quality management system certification,Plastic injection mold hot runner injection molding systems is a focus of research and development and production of high-tech enterprises。
  The company has its own brandBorNuHot runner system,Has many superior to the industry of a patent for invention and utility model patents technology of independent intellectual property rights。All the series of products covered by the international common hot runner and specifications。We provide a display hot runner、Television cabinet hot runner、Household appliances hot runner、Needle valve hot runner、Plastic box hot runner、LEDHot runner、Hot runner temperature control、Gate hot runner、Thin gate hot runner、Hot glue、Hot runner、Hot nozzle、Distribution board、Heating elements、Reloading the connector、Intelligent temperature controller、The sequential controller and other hot runner components and systems。In order to ensure the good quality,Hot nozzle such main parts adopt imported steel in Sweden,Have strong corrosion resistance,The wear resistance is strong,Homework is not adapt to the long-term high temperature fatigue deformation, etc;Using the heat balance design、Rheological balance principle, analysis and design of the runner system;Smooth corner flow channel structure and processing to ensure that no stagnation expected in the passage;Double-side heating wire rod adopts high voltage shunt board high thermal conductive media fills,Has the high reliability of thermal conductivity、Evenly、Energy saving—The advantages of high heat transfer efficiency;Research and development of hot tip tip tip alloy structure,Glass fiber content as high as can be made up50%The plastic products of hot nozzle。Can solve the similar material in the problem of shortage of nozzle tip high wear and heat conduction。Products all over xiamen, fujian、Zhangzhou、Quanzhou、Shanghai、Jiangsu throughout the country。

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